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A great option for those athletes who have the drive and determination to train on their own but need someone to point them in the right direction.  This method works best for players who are looking for a program to get them fit for their upcoming high school or college season.  As a D1 player I have saved all of my collegiate issued workout programs along with the times of all of my teammates over my four year span.  In this way, I can provide you with a great idea as to what times you should be able to hit in different events and provide you with an idea as to where you stand against other athletes.  With my prior experience and CSCS certification I can provide you with the proper training program to get you to whatever level you aspire. 


Pricing: $60/month


Players ages 9+ are welcome.  

Players are required to come prepared to play with their own stick, shin guards, mouth guard, and turf shoes (sneakers are allowed but cleats are prohibited).

I'm sorry but no goalies please; they are not my area of expertise.  

To book a session, contact me, or pay for a session please click on the "BOOK NOW!" tab above.



I offer private lessons for both indoor and outdoor hockey.  I you have a local turf or school field then I would be happy to travel to you and use that venue.  In this way, the lesson pricing will be as listed below.  If you do not have a field then I would be happy to rent one for you but I will ask you to please cover the cost to rent the facility.  If you do not live in eastern Pennsylvania or do not want to incur the cost of the facility rental then please consider the video analysis option below.  I would love to work with any athletes on specific skills, tactics, or general improvement.  Prior to our first training session we will speak (either by phone or in person) regarding what you wish to acheive/work on during these sessions.  In this way, I can best tailor a plan to suit your individual goals.


Pricing:  $60/ hour/ athlete for 1 athlete (+facility rental cost, if needed)

             $35/ hour/ athlete for 2 athletes (+facility rental cost, if needed)

             $25 / hour/ athlete for 3 athletes (+facility rental cost, if needed)

             $20 / hour/ athlete for 4+ athletes (+facility rental cost, if needed)



A great option for athletes with a busy schedule or need some extra practice with specific skills.  If the athlete has never done a skill before Colleen will send them an instructional video breaking down and describing the movements necessary to 

Skills that can be taught via video analysis include: 

-basic dodges          -basic tackles          -flick          -drive          -slap shot          -areal          -drag flick        

-stick stop               -stroke                   -corner insert


Price: $25/hour 



As an athlete recruited by the top 20 Division 1 field hockey schools, I have extensive and successful experience navigating the college recruiting process.  For the recruiting service I will put together all the necessary steps and a timeline to follow in order to successfully market the athlete to collegiate programs.  In addition, I will write all necessary emails and documents, and tell you the appropriate time to send them to the colleges of your choice.  I can also provide information as to the types of players schools have a history of recruiting (i.e. University X likes short strong athletes, University Y seeks tall speedy players, etc).  If you have video footage of the athlete I will sift through all videos and edit them appropriately to create a recruiting video.  Lastly, if I have seen the athlete play or coached them during prive lessons, I will compile a list of schools suited to the players skill level.  If the athlete has an idea of where they would like to play then I will compile all of the contact information (coach's name, email, address, location, league, recent team statistics, school size, etc).


Price: $150



Purchase the following items simultaneously:                 Receive this discount:

        Private Lessons + Recruiting Services:                              10% off Recruiting Services

           Monthly Training + Video Analysis:                                 10% off Monthly Training

         Video Analysis + Recruiting Services:                                10% off Recruiting Services

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